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Happy Endings

View the Houlas that found Forever homes..  

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Hey dad?  What's a chick magnet?

Bero adopted July 2007

Yes, I know I'm good looking!

BB adopted Sept 2007

Hurry up and take the picture.  I got squirrels to chase!

Maggie (previously Bambi) adopted July 2007

Ok - take a left at the next intersection and the pet store is on the right

Cooper (formerly Frank) adopted Nov 2007

Wanna go for a walk?

Jethro adopted July 2007

Can you prove I ate it?

Archie - adopted Nov 2007

And I want a bone, and a new squeeky toy, and some cookies, and bacon, and...

Dusty with Santa - adopted Oct  2007

Anya "strayed" into Allison's heart

Adopted Nov 2007

Belle sleeping with her new buddy

Adopted Aug 2007

Bowser living happily ever after with Jacob

Adopted Dec 2007

Did you bring me a new toy?

Chance Adopted June 2007

Come on in the water's fine!!

Gus Adopted Oct 2007


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